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Selected Sikhi Writings

Guru Nanak        Guru Govind         Guru Granth         Baba Nidhan        SGGS.jpgNumbers


Guru Ka Banda                              Sustainable Development


Letters from Africa

Split Infinitive          Omar Khyyam          Population          Zanzibar          Avicenna

Algebra          Human Unity          Religion         Tracked Down          Evolution


Selected Technical Papers

Karameh Dam          Discussion on Piling        Reuse of Piles          Landfill Mining


Other Writings

Bhai Vir Singh          Education, Education, Education          Just a Word, Folks          Long Forgotton, Far-Off Things

Memsahibs          Our Totem          Starvation, Labour and Dignity          Talk on E.A.Sikh Association

The British Commonwealth: What it Means to Me          The Necessity of Religion


The School Book Stores          The Spirit of Sikhism          Waiting for the Big Bang